Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

filiz soyak, founder + education strategist

With over 10 years of experience in the pre-K-20 education space, building effective and award-winning global education programs and products with a positive social mission, Filiz is uniquely qualified to lead help organizations with an educational purpose define short-term and long-term strategies to grow and scale successfully, extend reach, and help achieve their mission with long-lasting impact and success.

Her diverse education experience spans from the classroom, to the studio, to the boardroom. Filiz has taught in pre-K-12 classrooms to the university level, from the U.S. to the Middle East and Caribbean, developed curriculum for all various subjects, and designed learning experiences for diverse audiences including special needs, underserved communities, and English language learners. Before starting Paper Crane Education, Filiz was the VP of Education + Strategy at CarrotNewYork where she built a talented education team, and drove the development of over 20 national and global education programs to motivate positive behavior change and impact.

Filiz has a knack for building stellar education content, developing actionable strategic plans with focus, leading teams with clear vision, and sharing long-term perspective while honing in on the important details. Over the years she’s seen the various shapes effective education can take and gets excited about developing memorable and creative education experiences that reach and empower kids and communities.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

gregg carey, business + operations strategist

Gregg started his career during the dot com boom designing and implementing some of the world’s first websites before the norms of today existed. He managed teams of talented ethnographers, user experience designers, user interface designers, architects, engineers, and strategists. There he learned to manage multi-disciplinary teams toward a fixed-time, fixed budget resulting in repeat clients.

In 2005 Gregg began his career as an entrepreneur. He co-founded Voxy, the world’s first truly personalized language learning platform. There, he played nearly every role as co-founder. Highlights include leading product development for the award-winning, #1 education app across all of Latin America, and building a global workforce of over 50 passionate and talented believers.

Today, he works with some of the brightest minds as the head of online education at Singularity University, and brings his years of experience in the EdTech and start-up space, strengths in operations and business strategy, to Paper Crane Education and its clients.


PAPER CRANE EDUCATION works with exceptional strategic partners who share our mission, our values, and help us do what we do better


An education research company, Applied Curiosity Research encourages children’s intellectual curiosity, promotes their healthy development and prepares them for the future by transforming meaningful feedback from authentic settings into insights for their clients. As partners, Applied Curiosity Research bring important context and data to PAPER CRANE clients, to drive strategy and direction. Learn more about the ACR team here.